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- 30.01.09 -
"Effective today, any Canadian who spends money on home renovations will be eligible to receive up to $1,350 in tax relief thanks to the new Home Renovation Tax Credit..." - Government of Canada

Eligible renovation projects include "renovating your kitchen, bathroom or basement", providing yet another reason to contact Regency today!  Take advantage of the tax credit while you can and save on your next project with Regency Interiors.
Why You Should Choose Regency...

For over thirty-five years, Regency Interiors has been manufacturing Toronto's finest custom furniture.  From design to construction to final installation, Regency Interiors always aims to go above and beyond our clients' expections for quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service.  

Our custom creations are always constructed from the finest materials for looks and endurance that will be appreciated for generations to come.  For all these reasons and more, consider making the Regency Interiors name a part of your home.

Custom Cabinetry

Regency Interiors' custom cabinetry is always guaranteed to enhance and bring new life to any space.  From media centers  to kitchens, bathroom vanities and bedroom storage, our cabinets will bring renewed elegance and increased functionality to your home.
Fine Furniture

Regency Interiors has worked along side some of Toronto's most notable designers to create high quality custom furniture that meets the unique requirements of our clientele.  From coffee tables to bedroom furniture, Regency Interiors' custom creations are ensured to bring unique personality and enduring warmth to any space.